Will you ever need a biohazard company?


We are not the type of company that ever hopes to hear from you. Especially in a time of your life that you are already wanting to forget. Just remember we are here for you in this unfortunate time. If you may ever need our bio hazard cleaning services in the state of Florida. Call 321-303-8531 24/7/365.

You may not think you need us for your specific need but there might always be a chance you can refer our company to a friend or family member. The faster the cleaning can be started the less chances of more loss to your property.

Things you need to know..

1. This type of clean is typically covered by home or auto insurance. Never let a company start the clean thinking it will be free, without first checking with the insurance yourself.

2. Do not go into the scene and remove items or disturb the area. This can cause the blood and bodily fluids to become airborne, and without realizing you may cross contaminate the scene making it more hazardous for someone else to enter.

3. Make sure the scene has been released by the authorities before entering the residence (not recommended)  or allowing anyone else to enter.

4. Make sure the scene is secure before leaving the premises if the clean cannot be started right away. The reason for this is due to vandals, estranged family and thieves whom may take advantage of the situation knowing no ones inside.  We can handle board ups for bio hazard scenes.

5. Never ever sign any paperwork unless you fully understand what the contract says and how it could possibly effect you in future, you are signing a binding contract. Unfortunately there is companies out there whom take advantage of consumers at this difficult time.


For our services or an estimate please call 321-303-8531