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As Florida’s premier crime scene cleanup service, we�re in the business of ensuring that you, your family, and your home/property gets the protection it needs from potential bio-hazards. Our work begins when the authorities finish, with our technicians trained in decontamination and sterilization. With years of experience in everything from hoarder homes, unattended deaths, suicides, and homicides, we offer a fully equipped staff that has both your enviromental and emotional needs in mind. While Absolute Bio-Clean is located in Central Florida near Orange and Seminole counties, our fast and professional cleaning services are available in all 67 counties in Florida, day or night. Our discretion is guaranteed.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Orlando,FL


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Pathological or compulsive hoarding is a specific type of behavior characterized by:

  • acquiring and failing to throw out a large number of items that would appear to have little or no value to others (e.g., papers, notes, flyers, newspapers, clothes)
  • severe cluttering of the person’s home so that it is no longer able to function as a viable living space
  • significant distress or impairment of work or social life